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Delivery is only £ 0.00 if you order more than £ 200.00.
Delivery is free of charge if you order more than £ 500.00.

Furniture delivery is only £ 12.00 if you order more than £ 750.00.
Furniture delivery is free of charge if you order more than £ 1,000.00.

Delivery is normally within 2-3 business days

Data Protection Information

Data Protection Information

From 26th May 2012, the Law has changed with regards to ‘Cookies’ that are held every time your customer visits your OSCARnet site and now requires explicit user consent on storing them.

What are ‘Cookies’?
Cookies are small text files that the website stores on your computer.

What does OSCARnet do with a ‘Cookie’?
The website stores the following information in ‘Cookies’:
1. The Current Session ID set when you start browsing the site.
2. The Current Site URL. It is saved upon the session start and is used everywhere when redirection between non-secure and secure sites occurs.
3. The current order number when redirection between the site and an external credit card payment system occurs.
4. The state of expandable menus and drop down lists. When you expand/collapse the navigation menu, and the state of EOS Finder drop-down lists.

The above information is deleted when the browser window is closed.

Where ‘Remember Login’ is used when logging in, the website stores an encrypted key in a cookie. This is used to identify the user the next time they access the site. This information is not deleted by the browser when the window is closed. This information is deleted when the user actively logs out of the website.